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Not much is known of the early days of The Rodman. Merely that he was spawned into existence at a Black Sabbath show in a time long ago.

Strangely, it’s a fact that he was born with sunglasses on and flashing devil horns with his hands. Doctors were flabbergasted, but rocked out with The Rodman anyway.

As the co-host of the Cyclops Unchained morning show and resident party animal, Rod is always ON. You’ll see.

He’s also the MC for virtually every vape convention in the US (maybe outside the US coming soon?) and enjoys bringing the fun back to vaping by entertaining you while helping get impactful vape advocacy messages in your ears!

He loves heavy metal music and hopes to one day join Steel Panther, his gloriously hideous 80’s fashions and his vape fam like no one else! But his main love is his son, Kane and spending time with him…when he can pull the kid off the PS4 anyway!

The Rodman loves his Metallica Mad Modder box and sweet and REALLY sour eliquid flavors. His favorites would include: Blow by VSR, Entropy from SicBoy, Conundrum from Paradox, and Truth Serum Key Lime Pie by Cyclops.

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Public Health Education


In 1988 Goerlitz’s brother was diagnosed with cancer after which Goerlitz publicly quit smoking at the ‘Great American Smokeout‘ in November of that year. At this point he became involved with the anti smoking movement and toured schools and colleges worldwide. He shared his story throughout North America, Taiwan, Japan and Sweden. Goerlitz was honoured by the World Health Organisation in 1989 with a medal of honour and also worked with The American Cancer Society, The American Lung Association and The American Heart Association.



In 1999 Goerlitz published his story with Gary LaForest in a book titled “Before The Smokescreen” with Gladstone Publishing. The book recounts how and why Goerlitz began his 23 year long three and a half pack a day addiction to tobacco. In addition he gives the reader a behind the scenes look at how his ads for the tobacco industry were made and reviews his award-winning educational program for young people.


David Goerlitz (born April 15, 1950) is an American actor, writer, educator and a male model. He is best known as the “Winston Man”, appearing in advertising for Winston cigarettes for 8 years in the 1980s.

Goerlitz publicly quit smoking and joined the anti smoking movement condemning tobacco industry advertising for which he testified to Congress in 1989. After 20 years of international public speaking and education Goerlitz became disillusioned with the anti smoking movement in 2007. He then became an advocate for the vaping industry and in 2016 starred in the documentary film A Billion Lives

Early life

Goerlitz was the youngest of 3 boys, his father was a Baptist preacher. Goerlitz stated in a 2016 article “we moved 14 times in 6 years and every state we went to was different”. He started smoking at the age of thirteen and continued until the age of 38 although struggled for many years to give up completely.


Goerlitz began modelling at the age of 29 and after a callback in 1980 was employed by R.J. Reynold’s Tobacco Company as the “Winston Man”. Goerlitz was featured in 42 advertisements for Winston cigarettes, including the ‘Search and Rescue’ advertisement series, for which he was America’s most-photographed person on cigarette advertisements. The marketing series moved Winston cigarettes from number 4 to number 2 in worldwide sales.


Vaping Advocacy

2007-Present Day

Goerlitz became disillusioned with the anti smoking movement and controversially spoke out about his views on the anti smoking industry, government and the tobacco industry. He has been publicly advocating for tobacco harm reduction through the use of vaping products in media since 2007, giving interviews on a number of online platforms.



A Billion Lives


In 2016 Goerlitz was featured in the award-winning documentary film A Billion Lives directed and narrated by Aaron Biebert and distributed by the production company Attention Era Media. In the film Goerlitz discusses his previous role in fighting the tobacco industry and his efforts in the vaping community.

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