Check out the full range of e-cigarette and vaping products, from products designed to introduce beginners into vaping, to our Disposable range of e-cigarettes designed for vaping on the go.

The myblu™ offers you our best vaping experience ever. Charged in just 20 minutes and with easily changed liquid pods filled with vape juice, the myblu™ gives you the perfect combination of style and substance for your vaping experience.

You can also choose from our two blu PLUS+™ vaping kits, the blu PLUS+™ Xpress Kit, or the blu PLUS+™ Rechargeable Kit, both supplied with our Classic Tobacco flavored tanks for that unique blend of tobacco taste.

If you want a more advanced vaping experience, then why not try our blu PRO™ Kit with a smoother taste and premium features, the blu PRO™ kit gives you the best value for your money.

For anyone wishing to explore vaping for the first time, our Disposable e-cigarettes are an ideal product to begin the journey, with six exciting flavors to try.


Our commitment to innovation and quality means your blu® product delivers the way you expect it, every time. We’re not done innovating, and we never will be.

We know that each of you is unique. That’s why however you vape, we have a product tailored to your preference and a flavor you are sure to love.

Our products are equipped with a sleek, subtle design that combines a classic experience with modern enjoyment.

Live Freely. Vape boldly.

Vape on your terms with our selection of vapes and e-cigs, perfect for any lifestyle. Paired with flavor, discover an experience
that rivals what you’re used to, but with a new twist.

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Elysian Labs, a four year veteran in the eliquid game is your one stop for all your eliquid needs. A family run start-up business that started by trying to help people, bloomed into something amazing. With award winning flavors, there is most definitely a member of our lineup to satisfy your taste buds. 

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Solace was founded in 2015 by four young entrepreneurs with a bold vision to re-invent the way people utilize nicotine delivery products. After hundreds of experiments and tests, Solace’s team finally launched the first ever nicotine salts for open pod based vaporizer devices.

Solace has since grown to a globally recognized brand with millions of customers around the globe and hundreds of thousands of products sold each month. Solace’s lab is constantly striving to find ways of further enhancing our customers experiences by delivering an ever safer and higher quality product. 

With countless people transitioning from smoking combustible cigarettes to Solace’s products, Solace is continuing its mission to invent new technologies, which can minimize our products impact on a customers lifestyles and habits.

With ever improving technology, Solace’s founders are focusing on building a future where new inhalation based technologies can be used in pharmacological applications that go beyond nicotine delivery systems.

Since our beginnings in 2015, Solace has emerged in the vape space as an industry leader for producing high quality nicotine salts. So much so that we now manufacture eliquids for many other vape brands seeking that same trusted quality. The “Powered by Salts” diamond is a mark that we put on every bottle of eliquid that Solace manufactures. It is an industry recognized stamp of approval and mark of confidence that the liquid inside was made with the highest standards.ur brand with Salts by Solace Vapor. 

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Launched in 2012, SAVEURvape was one of the first premium e-liquid manufacturers in the space. With brands such as The Standard, Jackson Vapor Co (previously known as Jameson’s Irish Vapor Juice), Blueprint, and Black Label, the company quickly positioned itself as a leader and an inspiration to manufacturers across the industry.

SAVEURvape designs, manufacturers, and distributes its eliquid products out of facilities in Torrance, CA.
For more information about SAVEURvape, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
You can also reach us directly at 1-888-405-8911 or

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Live Life In Paradise

Our CBD is a full-spectrum CBD, which means ours contains all 483 properties within the hemp plant including CBD, CBC-A, CBG, Terpenes, and a whole lot more! Having a full spectrum oil allows us to give our customers the best of the best without the ludicrous pricing of most competitors! Our oil comes from 100% organic industrial Hemp, meaning it is non GMO, PG free, and PEG free.

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Avid Lyfe, Inc.


Our New Website Address is AVIDLYFEINC.COM

Avid Lyfe Inc. prides itself on our quality manufacturing and originality of our products. We are known for manufacturing some of the best “competition mods” in the community, and strive everyday to continue that tradition. From paper to production, we continue to push the envelope with new competition mods.

As Avid Lyfe Inc. continues to grow and expand, we continue to advocate for Vapor’s Rights. We have built a reputation for high quality products, advocacy and great customer service. We will strive to uphold that reputation currently and in our future endeavors.

Avid Lyfe Inc. has become more than just a manufacturer within the Vape Community; we have become ACTivist. For many, this isn’t a hobby; it’s a lifestyle, a brotherhood, a community and a movement fighting for the “right to vape”. Along with all of our supporters, we have become a World-Wide Vape movement and family. As a company that only creates Competition Mods for ZERO nicotine use, we advocate daily for Professional Vaping. AV strives to push the limits of our manufacturing and marketing to help promote Professional Vaping and move towards a day when it is a recognized sport. We achieve these historical task by being a Media/Manufacturing Powerhouse, consistently spreading Vape knowledge world-wide. If we combine all of Avid Lyfe’s media platforms, we have an impressive 500,000 (approximate) followers at our fingertips.

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Giant Vapes was founded in September of 2013 with a single goal: to make the best e-liquids on the market available in one user-friendly, unified place, saving vapers time and money. As the vape industry has grown, so have we, expanding our selection of products, our involvement in the vape community, and our staff to meet the growing needs of our customers. And, of course, we’ve continued to increase savings for our customers. We offer free shipping for all US and overseas military addresses, and discounted international shipping to countries around the world. Our products are listed at the minimum MSRP, so that our customers pay the same price with us that they would ordering direct from the manufacturer. We’ve implemented a rewards program where our customers can earn points, redeemable as store credit, with every purchase. We also have regular sales and promotions, including a weekly discount code for our Facebook Community!

Giant Vapes is a company founded by vapers, for vapers. We built this business with the best interests of the vaping community in mind, and we will continue to dedicate ourselves to providing premium products at great prices and exemplary service to vapers around the world.

Who We Are

We are passionate about vaping. Giant Vapes is a company owned by and staffed by vapers. Every line we bring in is carefully curated. The products we make available to our customers use premium ingredients, are properly and carefully manufactured, and come from vendors who share our concern for the future of this industry. We carry e-liquid and hardware that we believe in, and that we use every day.

We are obsessed with fulfillment. That’s right, we spend most of our time and manpower on getting your orders shipped quickly and correctly, per our same-day shipping guarantee. We don’t mind bragging about our staff – our shipping team is the best in the business, and they’re constantly innovating and improving to make sure your orders get out lightning-fast.

We are dedicated to customer service. Our fulfillment team makes sure your orders go out quickly and correctly, and our customer service team is here, just in case there’s a problem with your shipment. And, of course, they love to answer questions, make recommendations, and help you place your orders – our service staff is proud to be there when you need them.

We are committed to advocacy. We work with state and national advocacy groups around the country to educate legislators and consumers, lobby for fair regulations, and secure the future of vaping.

We are inspired by our vaping community. Meeting and talking to vapers around the world is one of the most rewarding parts of being in this business. We support vape events where we can meet people face-to-face, host a Facebook Community for our customers and vendors, and stay active on TwitterInstagram and Google + so that we can hear from you – because you are the reason we’re here.

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TVL and Revenant have teamed up to bring you the new Delta Kit – A special, industrial-style device that is perfect for the next step in vaping. The new “Push-to-Squonk” Mechanism is the first of its kind, letting vapers soak their cotton with the press of a button.

A new innovative child-proof filling system, Press to fill (PTF ), allows easy filling and significantly reduces leakage.


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Here at Square Vape Labs Inc. we are a team of professionals dedicated to the manufacturing of a perfect product. With the skills and experience combined within the team, we demand from ourselves nothing but clean, accurate, and the best tasting e-Liquid that can be found on the market, because if the Juice isn’t right, nothing is.

Shop at our 2 Brick and Mortar Outlets!!

779 Hempstead Turnpike
Franklin Square, New York 11010
(516) 437-VAPE

36-07 162nd Street
Flushing, New York 11358
(718) 588-VAPE

All questions and wholesale inquires can be directed to:

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